Self Care for Solopreneurs

I offer a variety of FREE and pay-what-you-can-afford Self Care for Solopreneurs Challenges. Sign up below to be notified when we launch our next challenge!

Self Care for Solopreneurs Challenge

Quarterly – this two-week self care challenge designed specifically for solopreneurs, new business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers takes place once every quarter. Participate in daily challenges for the change to win some great prizes! Enter your email address and follow us on Instagram @selfcareforsolopreneurs to be notified when our next round of the Self Care for Solopreneurs Challenge kicks off…
Cost: Free

Self Love Challenge

Coming soon – this 10-day self love challenge includes an email every other day, plus…

— an exclusive video library
— an invitation-only Facebook group full of supportive business owners like yourself
— links to some of my personal favorite self love and self-care websites
— in-depth homework assignments to help you dig deep, identify limiting beliefs and overcome your inner critic
— access to exclusive news, discounts, contests, book clubs, and other updates as the program continues to grow
— BONUS: a FREE one-hour coaching call with me
Cost: Pay-What-You-Can (donation)

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